Welcome to KeithMeehan.com, my not so new home on the web. Yes, I'll be the first to say it. I'm just another guy putting up just another useless page online to show my personal life. Do you care? Probably not. Do I care if you care? Not really. I'm just having fun and enjoying life as best I can. No one forced you to come here. You can leave whenever you like. So no bothersome emails telling me my site sucks or I shouldn't waste space on the net. Just go away.

To all those who would like to look around for lack of anything better to do, be my guest. I have decided to keep my home page clear of the normal clutter of pictures and ads and the sort. Instead I will keep it quite simple. There is a Link Area at the bottom of the page. You can use that to get anywhere on my site.

First up is the main page. This page. You see this page, right? Yeah, that's what it is.

Next is a link to Aldazar.com. Aldazar is-was a company run by David and myself. It had a few different iterations, and continues to run, in it's own way.

The About Me page gives some information about who I am. No one really cares, but I was bored one year, so I wrote it up. I edit it once in awhile. Maybe.

Friends and Such is just a spot to toss up scanned pics. Nothing to see here!

c & g is my blog, complaints and grievances. It's woefully underused over the last few years, as many blogs are. But it exists.

Rants is an area for me to vent about, well, whatever the hell I feel like. Usually about some form of entertainment.

The KM.com forum, Dark City of Singe, has been running a few years now. It's level of use has risen and fallen many times. Currently it hosts and Inter-efed and an efed, whose area is the final link on the bar. It also holds forums for our gaming clans, and then a variety of other places to chat.

Oldschool is kind of like, the history of KM on the web. Those were dark days. Please try not to laught too hard.

If anyone has any comments, questions, or suggestions, they can stuff them. That or they can be sent to the feedback mailbox.


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